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Scilab's Variable Browser

The Variable Browser in Scilab offers a comprehensive display of all variables employed during a Scilab session. This includes their names, sizes, types, assigned values, and visibility status.

What's the significance of this feature? It provides a clear snapshot, ensuring users maintain clarity about the variables in play and avoid potential naming confusions.

Upon creating a new variable, it's automatically cataloged in this section, complete with its value.

For instance, entering `year=2020` into the command line:

--> year=2020

Results in the inclusion of the 'year' variable within the Variable Browser.

il browser delle variabili

The 'ans' Variable

Within the list, users might observe a distinct variable labeled "ans."

In Scilab's environment, "ans" serves a unique purpose. It's designated to capture the outcome of the latest calculation executed in the workspace, especially when a target variable isn't explicitly mentioned.

Consider the operation 2 + 3 in the workspace:

--> 2 + 3
ans =

Here, the outcome, which is 5, is seamlessly stored within the "ans" variable.

Throughout a session, the value stored in "ans" remains accessible for subsequent calculations or can be redirected to a user-defined variable.

However, it's crucial to note: the "ans" variable's content is ephemeral. It's subject to overwrite with each new unassigned calculation executed in the command line.

Variable Management

To purge variables from the system's memory, the `clear` command is at your disposal.

--> clear

Executing this command purges the Variable Browser in its entirety, offering a clean slate.

This proves invaluable for those looking to initiate a new session without departing from Scilab.

Selective Variable Removal

For more granular control, Scilab allows the removal of individual variables.

To achieve this, simply follow the `clear` command with the desired variable's name.

--> clear nameVariable

This procedure ensures the targeted variable's removal, leaving the rest of the session's variables untouched.

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