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Typing Greek Letters in Geogebra

Welcome to our tutorial on effortlessly typing alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and any other letter from the Greek alphabet in Geogebra.

To input a Greek letter in Geogebra, simply hold down the ALT+letter (for lowercase) or ALT+SHIFT+letter (for uppercase) keys. This key combination will bring up the corresponding Greek letter.

Here are a few hands-on examples to get you started.

To enter the letter alpha (α), hit ALT+a.

Geogebra will instantly display the Greek letter alpha.

alpha letter in Geogebra

For the letter beta (β), press ALT+b.

typing the lowercase beta letter

To type the lowercase Greek letter delta (δ), use ALT+d.

typing the lowercase Greek delta letter


And for the uppercase Greek letter delta (Δ), utilize ALT+SHIFT+d.

typing the uppercase Greek delta letter

This technique applies to all other Greek alphabet letters, both lowercase and uppercase.

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