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The exponential function in Octave

In this lesson I'll explain how to use the exponential function on Octave.

What is the exponential function? The exponential function is the function $$ f(x)=e^x $$ The base of the power is the number e=2.7183, while x is the independent variable. The exponential function is defined for every real number. It is an increasing function and is equal to 1 for x=0.

In Octave there is a special function for writing the exponential function. It is the function exp(x)


I'll give you some practical examples

Type exp(1).

The result is Nepero's number because e1=2.7183.

>> exp(1)
ans = 2.7183

You can also get the same result by typing e^1

>> e^1
ans = 2.7183

Now, type exp(0)

The result is 1 because e0=1

>> exp(0)
ans = 1

You also get the same result by typing e^0

>> e^0
ans = 1

Now, type exp(-1)

The result is an even smaller number, because ex tends to zero as x→-∞

>> exp(-1)
ans = 0.36788

You can get the same result by typing the power e^(-1)

>> e^(-1)
ans = 0.36788

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