Octave guide

In this guide I tell you about GNU Octave, an open source and free software similar to Matlab that allows you to solve mathematical calculations and geometric problems (eg matrices, linear algebra, mathematical analysis, etc.).
how to use octave

What are the strengths of Octave?

  • It's free. You can install and use it freely. It does not require registration.
  • It can be installed on a PC with a Windows, Linux or Mac operating system.
  • Octave commands are very similar to Matlab. The syntax is almost identical.

How to use Octave?

You can use Octave in two different ways

This is the Octave GUI

how to use octave

Octave main menu (File, Edit, Debug, Window, Help, News) is at the top

In the central part of the interface there is the command window that allows you to use Octave interactively.

On the left there are several panels:

In the bar at the bottom there is the Editor item that allows you to write and save scripts on Octave.

how to write a script

How to install GNU Octave

You can download the installation file directly on the official website www.gnu.org/software/octave/

It is available for any PC operating system: Linux, Windows, MacOS, BSD

web site GNU Octave

If you use Linux you can also find it among the applications that can be installed in the various repositories

In this guide I'll explain some practical examples of using Octave.

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